• Repairs the female reproductive system, effectively regulates the endocrine system, and improves menstrual discomfort, delaying menopause.
  • Will improve the male reproductive system function, enhance sexual function, improve infertility and improve sperm quality.
  • It will repair the damaged joint and will repair all types of arthritis, sports injuries, meniscus injuries, ligament damage and so on. Improves the function of the motion system and will effectively enhance physical performance.
  • It effectively regulates the three high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat.It's radiation resistant, antioxidant and anti-cancer.
  • Will strengthen the digestive system and will comprehensively complement the body with.
  • Will repair the nervous system function, regulate anxiety, improve insomnia, and improve memory.
  • Aging is slowed and will comprehensively enhance immunity.
  • The organs (brain, heart, liver, kidney, etc.) are young and functional.
  • Skin cells will be repaired and skin will become firm and elastic all over.
  • Cell purification and detoxification will run throughout the body.
  • Body fluid will be purified and will repair and regenerate.
  • Metabolism is enhanced, and the metabolic rate of the body is increased.

The amazing effect of reversal at spring



Among the many sports stars benefiting from xcell is the Western bulldog, the champion of Australian football in 2017. Our chief medical officer Dr.Peter Lewis used xcell therapy as a medical consultant to provide sports injury repair advice and repair services in training and competition, and helped the Western Bulldog team win the Australian Football Championship in 2017.

Angelo Galati  

Peter Aerts is a professional K1 boxer. He suffered a right knee injury during the match. The doctor advised him to finish his career ahead of time and enter his career again after two treatments with xcell. Now 47 years old, he can still practice, teach and compete.
Angelo Galati is a national professional weightlifter in Argentina and has been shortlisted for many times in the Olympic weightlifting competition. Because of the tearing of pectoralis major muscle caused by practice, it was very painful. In order to continue to participate in the competition, Dr.Peter Lewis won the 2012 Argentina world weightlifting and bench push championship in 8 days after he served xcell.

Peter Aerts  

James McSweeney is a professional UFC boxer. The pain of joint injury has been bothering him all the time. As a result, he was unable to enter the ring again. After learning that xcell may bring new hope to him, he contacted our chief medical officer Dr.Peter Lewis, after treating the joint with xcell, the pain almost disappeared, returned to the challenge arena, and won three weeks in a row.

X CELL Technology

A joint invention by an Australian team led by Dr.Peter Lewis and a German technical expert group on somatic cells . 


James McSweeney 

Xcell not only plays an important role in joint injury, but also helps many Hollywood stars in the field of anti-aging. They also include 86 year old domestic actor Darch, 70 year old Richard Norton, 67 year old Pierce Brosnan, 66 year old Jackie Chan and so on

Based on customer privacy regulations, only some classic ca​ses are shown.

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The diagnosis of severe joint injury suggested joint replacement.
After a knee joint repair, cartilage tissue continued to regenerate in one year. From the original severe joint injury to moderate joint injury.
Paul, 57, has an acute cerebral infarction. Right hemiplegia with acute cerebral infarction.
On November 21, 2016, he was discharged from the hospital, drowsy, right hemiplegia, aphasia, and received x-cell treatment for the first time.with acute cerebral infarction.

December 9, 2016 Can use crutches to get up, can say some words.with acute cerebral infarction.​

December 16, 2016 Being able to stand up w​​​​​ithout help.

January 26, 2017 After the second round of xcell treatment, he was able to walk independently.

After the third xcell treatment, the language ability was completely recovered.

After the fourth xcell treatment, the language ability and activity ability have been completely restored, and the life can be taken care of by oneself.

Based on customer privacy regulations, only some classic ca​ses are shown.

Please contact us for more cases

Based on customer privacy regulations, only some classic ca​ses are shown.

Please contact us for more cases

Based on customer privacy regulations, only some classic ca​ses are shown.

Please contact us for more cases